Martin Brodeur (martin_brodeur) wrote in dejectedgoalies,
Martin Brodeur

Why are there no posts here. Are you all wallowing in your self-pity or just jealous of me?

I saw this on TSN and I thought to myself, you know this should be the poster for that Dejected Goalies community. I mean seriously, I think he's crying... it really sucks when someone steals your job unless it's José Théodore and then it's just funny.

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We were waiting for you to make the first post, of course.

No one does wallowing quite like our friend Mr. Théodore.
I know. What a little bitch...
Ah, José truly does not look well.
Oh fuck you all.
It was said purely out of concern for you, mon ami
I'm really at a loss for words today so I'm sorry... I just don't have anything to say to anyone.